A new book!

Peace Theology Books, 2012. 188 pages.

[To purchase ($15) go here]

For thirty years, Mennonite pastor and theologian Ted Grimsrud has sought to present the call to peacemaking in a series of short articles published in various settings. When read together, they convey a powerful and practical vision for biblically-based pacifism.

The first section of the book collects articles on various topics related to Christian peace convictions published in church periodicals.
The second section contains short meditations on a variety of biblical texts originally published in Mennonite Weekly Review. These meditations present the Bible as a book of peace.
The third and final section contains devotional articles written for Purpose magazine that reflect on how peace concerns are relevant for various aspects of the Christian life.
Though prepared for various settings over three decades, when collected together and read as a whole, the articles in Writing Piece present a coherent message about the viability of Christian pacifism.

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