2 thoughts on “Barth

  1. I’m always fascinated by Karl Bart. Although I studied theology in Croatia, we talked a bit about the Anabaptists. For me, the Anabaptist teachings are so close that I want to be an Anabaptist (I’m Roman Catholic).How is that possible, considering that in Croatia there is no Anabaptist church?
    There only have Baptist Church (I graduated in their theological school also) but they are “lukewarm water”.

  2. I have been raised as a member of the Protestant Church in the Rhineland which has been a stronghold of Barthianism ever since 1945.So I’m quite well acquainted with a popularized kind of Barthianism and I have found it unbearable. This mixture of spiritual “grandeur” (self-aggrandization as the immediate loudspeakers of the “word of God”) combined with an unprincipled submission to the just predominating leftist political whims (based on Barth’s fight against principles in ethics)!!! I have, years after, found a completely different voice with Petr Chelcicky which has finally led me to Anabaptism (mark: Chelcicky vs. the Hussites = Anabaptism vs. Calvinism and Barthianism)..

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