A series of seven posts on the history of pacifism in America:

  1. The roots of war resistance [May 31, 2019]
  2. Pacifism in face of the “good war” [June 3, 2019]
  3. Making peace through service [June 5, 2019]
  4. The role of pacifism in the Civil Rights Movement [June 7, 2019]
  5. Opposing nukes and the Vietnam War [June 13, 2019]
  6. Civil society and peacebuilding [June 17, 2019]
  7. A pacifist agenda [June 19, 2019]

Is Christian pacifism a thing? [May 20, 2019]

A three-part series critiquing Greg Boyd’s book, Cross Vision [November 5-8, 2018]

  1. A summary of Boyd’s argument
  2. Affirmations and critiques
  3. My alternative approach

Christianity on war and peace: An overview [March 15, 2018]

A series of four posts that try to explain what Christian pacifism is about:

A short review of Greg Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God [July 18, 2017]

A long series of posts engaging Greg Boyd’s book, Crucifixion of the Warrior God [May 25, 2017]

The humane person’s dilemma regarding the “war on terror” [December 14, 2015]

Is the book of Revelation on Falwell’s side? [December 9, 2015]

A note on Romans 13 and Christian “warism” [November 30, 2015]

Should love define a “Christian university”? [November 16, 2015]

Christian salvation

Revelation is a peace book! [June 24, 2015]

An anarchistic reading of the Bible

A new book on World War II’s moral legacy [December 4, 2015]

“Saving” the Joshua story: An anarchistic reading [November 13, 2014]

Is pacifism for real life? A response to Rachel Held Evans [September 28, 2014]

Pacifism when “life happens”: Further thoughts [October 2, 2014]

There’s power in the blood: Revelation’s patience and creation’s transformation [September 21, 2014]

Does the Bible teach anarchism? [August 25, 2014]

Why we should think of God as pacifist

How the Old Testament story refutes the God as punisher assumption [May 25, 2014]

Does the Bible have a coherent peace message? [February 17, 2014]

John Howard Yoder and anarchism [July 10, 2014]

Reversing World War II’s moral legacy [June 3, 2013]

The disaster that was World War II: Could things have been different? [May 29, 2013]

How pacifists should read Christian sources [February 10, 2013]

Why we Christians don’t love our enemies [February 8, 2013]

Are pacifists moral relativists? [December 30, 2012]

God is not a pacifist, right? [December 16, 2012]

One problem (among many) with the just war theory [December 9, 2012]

A pacifist at the AAR/SBL  [November 23, 2012]

Faith and politics (including voting) [October 28, 2012]

More thoughts about voting (or not) for a warmonger [October 19, 2012]

Should a pacifist vote for a warmonger? [October 1, 2012]

Why we Christians don’t love our enemies [August 23, 2012]

Why pacifism? [August 21, 2012]

Someone else who has problems with World War II… [April 20, 2012]

Are human beings violent by nature? [April 12, 2012]

Christian attitudes toward war: Rethinking the typology [April 9, 2012]

Is God violent? Naming the questions [February 29, 2012]

Was World War II an unjust war? [January 10, 2012]

How does pacifism (properly understood) work as a core Christian conviction? [December 4, 2011]

Käthe Kollwitz: Making peace with art [October 9, 2011]

War and the Old Testament: A proposal [October 3, 2011]

Mennonite theology and war: Kaufman and Yoder [July 31, 2011]

Mercy all the way down? [July 18, 2011]

Why Pacifism? [June 21, 2011]

Are we living under totalitarianism? [May 23, 2011]

Romans 13 supports pacifism! [May 1, 2011]

Can the military do peace? [April 17, 2011]

What do you do with those who ask what you do with a bully? [March 20, 2011]

Pacifism and the Civil Rights Movement [March 13, 2011]

World War II and the limits of just war thought: Early reflections [March 7, 2011]

What do we make of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? [February 27, 2011]

World War II and America’s soul: Christian reflections [February 20, 2011]

How should a pacifist view World War II? [January 21, 2011]

Our fathers’ war [December 26, 2010]



2 thoughts on “Pacifism

  1. Hi Ted,

    Thanks for your articles on Pacifism. I’ve really appreciated the essays on pacifism as a core Christian conviction and the one on Romans 13, which have helped me develop my own understanding. I have developed some views about the Cross, pacifism and soteriology, which I have published here – . I would really appreciate any comments you care to make.

    warm regards,

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