Christianity on war and peace: An overview [March 15, 2018]

A series of four posts that try to explain what Christian pacifism is about:

A short review of Greg Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God [July 18, 2017]

Engaging Greg Boyd’s new book [May 25, 2017]

  1. Is the Bible a peace book?
  2. Boyd’s peaceable God and the Bible
  3. Boyd’s peaceable God as revealed in the Bible
  4. Boyd’s Christ-centered reading strategy
  5. Boyd’s insistence on making the cross central
  6. More on Boyd’s insistence on making the cross central
  7. Boyd defends his “cross thesis”
  8. Boyd’s account of God-related violence in the Old Testament
  9. Boyd’s critique of the “dismissal solution”
  10. Boyd’s critique of the “synthesis solution”
  11. Boyd’s alternative: The “reinterpretive solution”
  12. Boyd’s cruciform hermeneutic applied

What kind of Christian politics? Some beginning thoughts [April 5, 2017]

The humane person’s dilemma regarding the “war on terror” [December 14, 2015]

Is the book of Revelation on Falwell’s side? [December 9, 2015]

A note on Romans 13 and Christian “warism” [November 30, 2015]

Should love define a “Christian university”? [November 16, 2015]

Christian salvation

Revelation is a peace book! [June 24, 2015]

An anarchistic reading of the Bible

A new book on World War II’s moral legacy [December 4, 2015]

“Saving” the Joshua story: An anarchistic reading [November 13, 2014]

Is pacifism for real life? A response to Rachel Held Evans [September 28, 2014]

Pacifism when “life happens”: Further thoughts [October 2, 2014]

There’s power in the blood: Revelation’s patience and creation’s transformation [September 21, 2014]

Does the Bible teach anarchism? [August 25, 2014]

Why we should think of God as pacifist

How the Old Testament story refutes the God as punisher assumption [May 25, 2014]

Does the Bible have a coherent peace message? [February 17, 2014]

John Howard Yoder and anarchism [July 10, 2014]

Reversing World War II’s moral legacy [June 3, 2013]

The disaster that was World War II: Could things have been different? [May 29, 2013]

How pacifists should read Christian sources [February 10, 2013]

Why we Christians don’t love our enemies [February 8, 2013]

Are pacifists moral relativists? [December 30, 2012]

God is not a pacifist, right? [December 16, 2012]

One problem (among many) with the just war theory [December 9, 2012]

A pacifist at the AAR/SBL  [November 23, 2012]

Faith and politics (including voting) [October 28, 2012]

More thoughts about voting (or not) for a warmonger [October 19, 2012]

Should a pacifist vote for a warmonger? [October 1, 2012]

Why we Christians don’t love our enemies [August 23, 2012]

Why pacifism? [August 21, 2012]

Someone else who has problems with World War II… [April 20, 2012]

Are human beings violent by nature? [April 12, 2012]

Christian attitudes toward war: Rethinking the typology [April 9, 2012]

Is God violent? Naming the questions [February 29, 2012]

Was World War II an unjust war? [January 10, 2012]

How does pacifism (properly understood) work as a core Christian conviction? [December 4, 2011]

Käthe Kollwitz: Making peace with art [October 9, 2011]

War and the Old Testament: A proposal [October 3, 2011]

Mennonite theology and war: Kaufman and Yoder [July 31, 2011]

Mercy all the way down? [July 18, 2011]

Why Pacifism? [June 21, 2011]

Are we living under totalitarianism? [May 23, 2011]

Romans 13 supports pacifism! [May 1, 2011]

Can the military do peace? [April 17, 2011]

What do you do with those who ask what you do with a bully? [March 20, 2011]

Pacifism and the Civil Rights Movement [March 13, 2011]

World War II and the limits of just war thought: Early reflections [March 7, 2011]

What do we make of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? [February 27, 2011]

World War II and America’s soul: Christian reflections [February 20, 2011]

How should a pacifist view World War II? [January 21, 2011]

Our fathers’ war [December 26, 2010]




2 thoughts on “Pacifism

  1. Hi Ted,

    Thanks for your articles on Pacifism. I’ve really appreciated the essays on pacifism as a core Christian conviction and the one on Romans 13, which have helped me develop my own understanding. I have developed some views about the Cross, pacifism and soteriology, which I have published here – . I would really appreciate any comments you care to make.

    warm regards,

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