Love all the way down

This is the host page for a series of sermons to be preached at Shalom Mennonite Congregation (Harrisonburg, VA) beginning in October 2016. The general theme is Christian theology and human flourishing. The sermons will present the case for a positive and hopeful perspective on the human condition and on human life on earth—and argue that such a positive perspective is crucially important for helping people of good will respond productively and redemptively to brokenness and alienation in our world.

This is a tentative list of topics to be explored:

  1. Are we in debt to God? [preached October 9, 2016]
  2. What is justice? Love with claws [preached February 19, 2017]
  3. Positive theology [preached June 11, 2017]
  4. A positive reading of the Old Testament [preached July 9, 2017]
  5. A positive reading of the New Testament [October 8, 2017]
  6. Empire and satyagraha
  7. God as Other and evolution
  8. Original sin and attachment
  9. Satisfaction atonement and restorative justice
  10. Nature as inert and vibrant matter
  11. Theology and human flourishing