Recent ferment in the Mennonite Church USA triggered four blog posts [in five parts]: “Will Mennonite Church USA Survive? Reflections on Three Decades of Struggle” (part 1—February 28, 2014); “Will MC USA Survive?” (part 2); “‘Othering’ and Mennonite Sexuality Struggles” (March 9, 2014); “How Mennonites Church USA Might Survive: A Fantasy” (March 23, 2014); and “Is the Survival of Mennonite Church USA Now Less Likely?” (July 1, 2014). In the midst of the above series of reflections, I also addressed conversations at my place of employment: “Why Eastern Mennonite University Should Quit Discriminating” (March 30, 2014).

My recent thinking, expanding a presentation given at First Mennonite Church, Canton, Ohio on March 24, 2013. This develops further some of the ideas from my May 2012 blog posts. The overall series is called: “A Biblical Theology of Welcome: Toward an Embrace of Gay Marriage.” Part one: Hospitality.  Part two: Marriage.  Part three: Biblical teaching.  (posted April 28, May 19, and May 26)

More recently, an update on my thinking about gay marriage: “More thoughts about same-sex marriage and Christianity,” posted July 2, 2013.

Here is a three part posting from May 2012 that provides my perspective: “A basic Christian argument for affirming gay marriage” (Part I—May 20, 2012Part II—May 21, 2012Part III—May 22, 2012).

These are four recent blog posts: “Homosexuality, hiring practices, and the Mennonite confession of faith” (April 30, 2013),   “Jesus and homosexuality: What did he do?” (April 21, 2012), “Jesus and homosexuality, part 2” (April 27, 2012), and “The Mennonite Confession of Faith and homosexuality” (May 9, 2012).

My gathered writings on homosexuality at PeaceTheology.net.

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