A series of posts, “What does the book of Revelation say?”, that summarize my recent series of sermons on Revelation:

1. The 21st century according to Revelation (Introduction—posted 9/18/13)

2. A revelation about Jesus (1:1-20—posted 9/19/13)

3. Power in weakness (2:1-29—posted 9/20/13)

4. Weakness in power (3:1-22—posted 9/21/13))

5. What is God like? (4:1–5:14—posted 9/22/13)

6. An angry Lamb? (6:1-17—posted 9/23/13)

7. Theology by numbers (7:1-17—posted 9/27/13))

8. How not to get repentance (8:1–10:11—posted 10/2/13)

9. Standing by words (11:1–12:18—posted 10/3/13)

10. How to fight the beast (13:1–14:5—posted 10/4/13)

11. How to read Revelation (14:1-20—posted 10/18/13)

12. Transforming Babylon (15:1—16:21—posted 10/19/13)

13. Seeking the peace of the city (17:1-18—posted 10/22/13)

14. Confessions of a birthright imperialist (18:1-24—posted 10/26/13)

15. The war that’s not a war (19:1-21—posted 10/27/13)

16. The judgment that’s not a judgment (20:1-15—posted 11/3/13)

17. What is paradise for? (21:1—22:6—posted 11/5/13)

18. Why we (should) read Revelation (Conclusion)

Here’s a link to my Revelation page with links to most of my writing on Revelation since 1987.


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