Thinking Pacifism blog

Thinking Pacifism is a new attempt to find a place for reflection and conversation on pacifism, religious faith, and social transformation. I have another website ( that serves as a repository on my more formal writing on these themes. The purpose of this new blog is more conversational. I hope at least once a week to write about some of my thoughts from the previous week. And I hope these writings will trigger some conversations. Please share your responses and questions.

One thought on “Thinking Pacifism blog

  1. I find myself enjoying the concept of, and wanting to be, a pacifist but history of me and my people won’t allow it. I am often condemned with the option of only protecting myself with the use of violence sometimes. So according to this statement violence has a place as a viable solution at times. But among the many it should be used only as a last option. So the potential of violence as an option excludes me from being a pacifist, and I am sad that this has also been taken away from me.

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